Model Scorpion

The Scorpion model is a traditional 2-way speaker system that features excellent phase integrity and linearity. It is a passive loudspeaker system with a bass reflex tube.

The in-house developed and manufactured crossover network is streamlined to include only components essential for sound quality, which means we have deliberately avoided any “overrated extras.”

Each loudspeaker system is exclusively hand-made in Austria and is 100% quality tested. The compact design makes this model ideally suited as a floor or shelf Speaker.

As with every StandardSoundSolutions model, this speaker also stands out from the crowd with its innovative and striking design. In addition, you can customize it to your liking with a choice of color/finish, or even with plush lining.

€ 678.- pair price (unlacquered)

  • Lacquered in RAL-Color € 1248.- pair price
  • Special painting (e.g. Metallic) on inquiry
  • Covered with fake fur € 1758.- pair price
  • Special furs on inquiry
  • Dimensions [cm, lenght x width x height]:
    43 x 18 x 51
  • Frequency Response [Hz]: 35 – 20.000
  • Impedance [Ohm]: 8
  • Power consumption [W]: 50
  • Weight [kg]: app. 3