Blue Bridge

The Blue-Bridge model is a portable system in active design with a lithium-ion battery. When charged, it enables a mains-independent playing time of more than 12 hours.

It has an integrated Bluetooth module which can be easily coupled with all common Bluetooth playback devices. Alternatively, it has a “line input” (mini jack) for an analog connection.

€ 699.- per piece

  • Dimensions [cm, lenght x width x hight]
    60 x  43  x  18
  • Frequency Response [Hz]: 30 – 18.000
  • Power Consumption [W]:
    1.) 100 on mains operation
    2.) 50 on battery operation
  • Weight [kg]: ca. 5
  • Connections:
    1.) Bluetooth
    2.) Line-In via Earphone Plug
  • Akku: Lithium-Ion